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I failed...

2009-04-08 09:42:48 by ThemartianMan

Oh well, I cant make flash submissions anymore, if anyone can help me find a flash animator that wont kill itself and that isnt 3d flash animator, please, help me!

Didnt manage to fix it.

2009-04-06 12:54:45 by ThemartianMan

BUT... I think I have found something else that could be just as good... lets see how it works first though, then maybe I can get back to animating again, and maybe improve my skills.


2009-03-15 03:59:43 by ThemartianMan

My fucking Flash CS4 has killed itself, apparently its licence has expired! INEVER EVEN HAD A LICENCE, IM 15 FOR FUCKS SAKE! I am gonna try and fix it though, my computer skills are good!

Guys, I know you dont really give a crap about me cause Im a newb... but oh well, I got my first animation done, its just an experimantal thing but hey, at least Im trying... hope you wont be too hard on me.

First and crappiest animation up!