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Thinking of an Idea

2009-07-17 07:20:44 by ThemartianMan

Im thinking of an Idea for a Flash Animation, but Im having difficulty deciding. I was thinking an Alien VS Predator Requim parody, but I can't draw things like that with a mouse. Maybe if I can get a Drawing Tablet I will start to properly animate.

New wide Layout

2009-05-27 14:32:03 by ThemartianMan

To be perfectly honest I dont really like the new wide layout's. Im okay with the fact that it doesnt open a popup, cause the newgrounds popups sometimes cut off the bottom of things and wont allow you to scroll down and its even worse when the 'X' button is at the other side that is blocked.

You know what...

2009-04-19 04:26:04 by ThemartianMan

Change of plans, Im going to rethink everything and start over...

New project...

2009-04-17 11:45:44 by ThemartianMan

I am working on a project right now, I have put the game aside to work on this newest animation that I am doing, which will be part of a series of about (up to now) 8.

Each will be based on a year of the BIONICLE story line, but it will be quicker and much more random than the actuall story. So ifyour interested, keep an eye out for it.

OMG, I actually made an Animation good enough to make it onto Newgrounds, I'm chuffed! Seriosuly, the others were crap as hell!

Also, I have been Banned from Reviewing stuff for saying one thing... oops.

2nd Game update

2009-04-14 12:37:13 by ThemartianMan

It has been slow the past few days, the reason, I havent been very well... and yesterday I was outside all day waiting for something that never happened, and tommorrow I coul be going Bowling, so I could be gone a while meaning that I wont get anything done till I come back, but then you have longer to ponder about what will be in the full game!

Update on the game.

2009-04-12 05:50:37 by ThemartianMan

I have gotten pretty far into the full game, well, I still have a long way to go, there will be many different ways of interacting with your pet stick, but there is no way of customising it, maybe in a V2 or something, I dont know. The game will also featue an Easter egg, not in the game though, it should be easy to spot if you search for it. More updates as they become available.

New game

2009-04-10 15:46:54 by ThemartianMan

Hey guys, I have put up the Demo version of my new game, Virtual Pet Stick. It is obviously a Demo, so its not complete, but there is more to come very soon.

Last Animation

2009-04-10 08:14:50 by ThemartianMan

The people spoke and the people didnt like, it got the shit blammed out of it all right, this next one will be better and will be based on something I do elsewhere. It shall also be edited to go up on this other website, a None-Newgrounds edition, if I cant post it here I can still post it there.

Hurrah!!! I have it!!!

2009-04-10 03:12:51 by ThemartianMan

After downloading a trail version of CS3, I found a crack, so now I have flash once more. Not that you people care, you will probably Blam my work when I release it.